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Eyeing the Spin:

After the Referendum

by Suren Moodliar, encuentro5 staff


Few national votes are as close as the December 2nd  constitutional referendum's, but more meaning than can be imagined has been read into that 0.7% of votes that tipped one way instead of the other. A short survey of the US media reveals a liberal/conservative consensus glee at the outcome, while more thoughtful analyses pepper the progressive left publications. There are important and surprising exceptions. For example, Time decided to go beyond the air conditioned malls of East Caracas and into poor, traditionally Chavez-supporting neighborhoods. Unlike resource-rich Time, some left analyses, ideology-rich did not find the need to report from Venezuela nor to look at actual voting patterns. This review, similarly deficient, starts with some reflections on democracy and social justice before surveying the various analyses of the referendum outcome.

1. Glee & Gloating
2. Subversion [US Gobt; Oligarchs; Students]
3. Abstention [Chavistas Unimpressed; Unaware; Turned-Off]
4. Class [New Apparatchicks; Party Animals]
5. Strategy
6. Octroyal?


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