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Send-off to Belem & WSF 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009, 6:00 p.m. Members of the Boston delegation to the eighth World Social Forum (Belem, Brazil) will begin the evening by discussing their objectives for the forum, then moving onto identify the forum's contributions and closing by stating how the want the forum to evolve. Topics to be covered include solidarity economics, the human right to water, migration and global social movements. The event will be followed by informal conversation and music from Brazil. There will also be an auction to benefit the Global Economic Alternatives Network (GEAN).

The Global Economic Alternatives Network (GEAN) and Massachusetts Global Action (MGA) are organizing a World Social Forum (WSF) "Alternative Boston" style, Brazilian Benefit Auction/Party to take place on Saturday, January 17, 2008 at Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Avenue, 5th floor, Chinatown, Boston.

As you know the work of pulling together the GEAN has been onoging for the past 9 months. You may remember the educational forums we held at encuentro 5 on alternatives relative to the Italian Labor/Political situation, the US Labor situation, the gathering movement for alternatives to globalization ( the seminar on Building the Alternative Solidarity Economy at the ESF in Malmoe, Sweden, the 2 network building trips through several European countries in April and October. The upshots of that work can be viewed on (

At the same time the GEAN was instrumental in pulling together the Boston Economic Alternatives Network (BEAN), an initiative for mutual help and support for individuals/organizations engaged in studying and creating alternative economic activities in the Greater Boston area.

Now the GEAN is working on organizing three comparative seminars at the World Social Forum which will take place in Belem, Brazil from 1/27 - 2/1/09. One on best alternative economic practices, one on their relationship with still standing economic institutions (Unions, government, corporations, finance) and a Plenary with reports from all
WSF activities on these issues at a time of multiple and convergent global crises. You can join our OpenFSM team by going to ( and you can become a contact or member of the GEAN by going to (

As you well know none of this happens by itself. This type of
organizing/networking requires time, effort and money. I am in fact writing to request your active support to participate and in pulling together the main WSF-GEAN fundraising event this year, to help defray GEAN operating expenses and the cost of participation/travel to our WSF events, for economic alternatives practitioners who can ill afford the trip to Belem.

Here is how you can help:
* By drawing up and printing up a leaflet for the event.
* By confirming your interest and support for this fundraiser.
* By saving the 1/17/09 date into your calendar now and by attending the event.
* By inviting, publicizing, passing the good word about the event
among your friends, colleagues, relatives and networks.
* By helping secure CD player, sound system, exquisite Brazilian
music, volunteer DJ.
* By playing an instrument/jamming on Brazilian tunes/songs at the event.
* By teaching Brazilian dancing at the event
* By donating samples of your own work (paintings, sculptures, pictures, books, music CD's, artifacts as well as unwanted Christmas gifts, pottery items of some value just crowding your shelves, pieces of furniture, unused equipment/tools, paintings, pictures, signed books, signed posters, music, artifacts, time, dates, professional assistance, dance classes, massages, home cooked dinners, brilliant ideas, trips, gift certificates to movies, restaurants, museums, concerts. All such donations will be auctioned off on the 17th.
* you can donate by e-mailing < pcolombaro [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com > or online at our new website:
* By donating cash to the project through a secure, tax deductible,
Paypal contribution.
* By bringing refreshments and munchies on the 17th.
* By helping set up and clean up on the 17th.
* By thinking and volunteering to donate/do something not included on this list.
* By staying involved and help build and promote the GEAN in the future.

Of course the more you have in your heart to give/do, the better for the GEAN and our collective efforts toward the WSF and ourfuture.

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