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encuentro5 has moved!

Our New Address: 565 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

We are building a strong online presence with video-based shows, including Shelter & Solidarity. We will soon launch one on New England history headlined by Brian O'Connell and another Spanish-language show based on our hemispheric roots. We have a website for the new book from our community, A People's Guide to Greater Boston. Other efforts including the Color of Water Project are being reorganized in light of new circumstances. We are also working with the Movements of Movements Project. We will also launch our new website built by Agaric Coop shortly.

However, we are not yet open for public activities and meetings nor are we hosting our monthly Peña until further notice. It is not clear to us, at this stage and in light of the health and economic crises of COVID-19 and depression how to operate a semi-public space in the safe and sustainable manner.  

We are hosting regular consultations with the e5 community via Zoom-based video conferences. These will address both the short- and long-term goals of the project as a whole. To participate, please join our email list via email to info >at< encuentro5 ]dot{ org.