You are hereAugust's Peña: Please join us for a very special Peña to bid farewell our beloved Sergio Reyes

August's Peña: Please join us for a very special Peña to bid farewell our beloved Sergio Reyes

By sandra - Posted on 07 August 2017

encuentro5 invites you to join us in celebration of our dear Peñero and revolutionary, Sergio.

Saturday August 12, 2017 7:pm until late 9A Hamilton Pl. (across from Park St. train station of Green and Red lines and next to the Orpheum Theater


We will also be wishing him a good-journey as he will be returning to his native home of Chile at the end of this month of August. His passionate songs of protest and resistance as well as his fighting spirit will be missed in the Boston area! Please make every effort to attend and help make this celebration and sendoff an unforgettable one!


Sergio Reyes is a well-known committed social change and social justice revolutionary activist in the Greater Boston Area. Among his list of human rights, social change and justice commitments and activities  as well as international solidarity movements are  Central America Solidarity Association (CASA), Latinos and Latinos for Social Change, the Sacco and Vanzetti Society, Boston Mayday Coalition, and the Boston Venezuela Solidarity Committee. There is so much more to his  resume. 


This is NOT farewell, hasta luego friend and comrade!

Bring song, instrument and stories about him to share.


encuentro5 te invita a unirte a nuestra celebración de nuestro querido Peñero y revolucionario, Sergio.

Sábado 12 de agosto de 2017   7: pm hasta tarde

9A Hamilton Pl. (a cruzar de a la estación del tren Park St. (líneas verdes y rojas y al lado del teatro de Orpheum)


También estaremos deseándole buen viaje ya que regresará a su tierra natal de Chile al fin de agosto. ¡Sus canciones de protesta y resistencia, así como su apasionante espíritu de lucha se extrañaran en el área de Boston! Favor de hacer todo lo posible para asistir y ayudar a que esta celebración y despedida sea inolvidable.  Sergio Reyes es un conocido activista revolucionario comprometido a las luchas de cambio social y de justicia no solamente en el área metropolitana de Boston pero en el mundo. Entre la lista de sus compromisos y  actividades se encuentran movimientos de solidaridad internacional como la Asociación de Solidaridad Centroamericana (CASA), Latinos y Latinos por el Cambio Social, la Sociedad Sacco y Vanzetti, la Coalición Boston May Day y el Comité de Solidaridad de Boston con Venezuela y mucho más en su currículum.


¡Esto NO es adiós, hasta luego amigo y camarada!

Traiga canciones, instrumentos e historias sobre él para compartir.

More about Sergio:

Reyes arrived in the Boston area in August 1976 as a political exile from Chile, after being imprisoned for 3 Reyes arrived in the Boston area in August 1976 as a political exile from Chile, after being imprisoned for 3 years there, under the civilian-military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet. Shortly thereafter, he participated in the creation of the Chilean Exiles Committee in Boston. Later on, networking with other Chilean exiles in the U.S. and other countries, Reyes participated in the formation of the Committee for the Unity of the Chilean Revolutionary Left.
Reyes helped form the group Latinas and Latinos for Social Change (LFSC) in 1992. LFSC worked hard in solidarity with the groups in the Puerto Rican island of Vieques to expel the U.S. Navy out of there. That struggle was successful and the Navy left Vieques in 2003 after 60 years of bombing the island and the surrounding ocean. LFSC was also present in protesting the holding of political prisoners throught Latin America and also here in the United States. In particular, LFSC denounced the presence of political prisoners and prisoners of war from Puerto Rico in Federal prisons.
In 2006, Reyes together with a small group of activists formed the Boston May Day Coalition (BMDC) to support the large demonstrations of immigrant workers throughout the country. The BMDC organized in two weeks a rally in the Boston Common in solidarity with immigrant workers on May 1, 2006. The Boston group set out not only to support the fight for rights for migrant workers, but also to continue the struggle to recover May 1, as International Labor Day, a tradition that started in the United States in 1886, based on what is known in labor history as the Haymarket Affair.
Reyes continued working with the Coalition, later the Boston May Day Committee, proposing strongly that the only way to solve the issue of exploitation, victimization and persecution of migrant workers in the U.S. and around the world is following the path of international unity in the struggle for migrant workers rights. Reyes and other Boston activists have carried this proposal to the World Social Forum in Nairobi, in 2007, the U.S. Social Forum also in 2007, and the Social Forum of the Americas in Guatemala in 2008. International unity in this struggle has proven more difficult to attain than it makes sense.
In 2007, following the lead of young anarchists in the Boston area, Reyes contributed to the formation of the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society, which has carried an annual event to mark the execution of the two anarchists on August 23.
During 2015 and 2016, Reyes worked to recover the history of his youth friend and comrade, Sergio Mancilla Caro. Mancilla Caro joined the Salvadoran revolution and was killed in an ambush by the army in 1981. His body was left in an unmarked grave in the hills of Chalatenango. Reyes compiled a book, which was published digitally. Later on he went to the Chalatenango hills in the hopes of finding his friend's remains. The book was finally printed in paper form in Chile in 2017.
In 2016, Reyes took the lead in creating the Venezuela Solidarity Committee, as a response to U.S. intervention in the political affairs of that country. President Obama established sanctions on Venezuela in 2014.
Meanwhile, all along, Reyes has contributed his technological skills to create and administer quite a few movement web sites. For the last 3 years, he has also acted as the Voluntary Editor of all media for the Union of Ex-Political Prisoners of Chile.
Reyes is also a musician activist, and has become a feature in progressive and radical events. In 2009, he composed a song based on the slogan of struggle against the military/business coup in Honduras, "Contra el Golpe Militar". He has been a regular at the monthly encuentro5 Peña, since its inception in 2013.
Now, in 2017, Reyes has decided to finally return to his country of origin, Chile, to continue contributing to the struggle for social change there. As he says, "to live what is left of his life in the struggle, and die where he was born."


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