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Testimonies from the Community

Here's what people are saying about the ACCe5S! Project:

What does accessibility mean to you?

"It has to do with the inclusionary aspect, the more philosophical idea of it. Some people just don´t get it. If people have some consciousness about inequity, that´s when you can talk to people about it. It´s disingenuous to talk about different groups that are genuinely discriminated against, and we are just one more. With people who are doing all this work with marginalized communities, to feel marginalized.... It really is important to understandhow significant small changes are to people. "

- Karen Schneiderman, Boston Center for Independent Living

"Equal access at all times for people with disabilities"

- Kevin Heaton

"If architectural design is not a tool of social equity and accessibility, it becomes a tool of exclusion."

- Valerie Fletcher, Institute for Human Centered Design, Executive Director

"It's the people in power who are disabled in the head and in the heart."

- Mel King

What are your thoughts on the ACCe5S! Project?

" I am really pleased about this. It´s important. It´s important no matter how many people take advantage of it. It does say that we practice what we preach. "

- Karen Schneiderman, Boston Center for Independent Living

“I visit the WILD office regularly and it would make a big difference to me if I didn’t have to do the steps there. It would be great to have it fully accessible, of course!”

- Geneva Evans, Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) Board President



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