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Peña Rebelde presents... Bojah

By suren - Posted on 10 November 2011

Saturday, November 12th, 2011; 7:00 p.m. Food, 8:00 p.m.Sharing live music, arte y amor the 2nd Saturday/each month @ e5

ENTRY: $5 + food, refreshmentsJoin the Peña this Saturday with Nkume Bojah Brock in encuentro5's re-energized space.

About Bojah by Simon Rios:
Peñero Nkume Bojah Brock is the quintessential political troubadour. A steady fixture of the Boston left movement and musical circles, Bojah will rock the Peña Rebelde with his uniquely poetic and social creations. Born in the midwest, Bojah later learned of his Nigerian father, an eminent journalist in the country at the time of the movement for independence from Britain. Returning to Nigeria in recent years, he was embraced by his family and made a chief in his village. Now Bojah calls Boston his home. His influences include Bob Marley and blues greats like John Lee Hooker and Jimi Hendrix. But what transpires is a thick sound of deep distorted guitars and hard-nosed commentary. This is what comes from Bojah's band, the Insurrection, but comes from the acoustic Nkume Bojah Brock, we'll have to come out to the Peña Rebelde and see!

Organized by MESA sin fronteras