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July 23rd - Cooperativity for Accessibility Party!

Outdoorsy House Party to support
accessibility at e5.

Saturday, July 23rd, 3-8pm

28 School Lane
Watertown, MA 02742
(Off Mt. Auburn St. Close to Tufts Health Plan)
Suggested Donation: $20-$50
(Includes 1st meal + drink)

Cooperativity: a phenomenon that runs in our blood and yet is denied in our society.

We invite you to an afternoon of spirit and games to raise funds for wheelchair accessibility at e5! Share an afternoon with friends, music, food and cooperative games! We will be sharing and learning games that highlight cooperativy over competition as we kick back and enjoy the day. Yes, we wish to raise funds, but also to expand the tribe and have fun, so bring your friends! If you can also bring an item of (non-meat) food or drink, that will be much appreciated (please let us know beforehand).
Our goal for this house party is $500 - $1,000, which is a portion of the project's total goal of $40,000. If you cannot make it, but would like to contribute, you can write a check payable to Mass. Global Action and send it to:
c/o The ACCe5S! Project
33 Harrison Ave, 5th Fl.
Boston, MA 02111
Or you may contribute through Paypal (click here).

PLEASE RSVP to alisa(at)

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Thank you!


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