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May 2006 - Present: Background

When encuentro 5 opened in 2006, accessibility was among our main concerns. We developed detailed plans and worked with a designer to draft a new, accessible entrance. Unfortunately, these plans lapsed due to e5’s financial challenges and our landlord’s cost concerns. We took a few modest steps by upgrading the space’s lighting and retrofitting PCs with some accessibility features for the visually challenged. We also worked on linguistic issues and the challenges of simultaneous interpretation. Today we are ready to live up to our commitment to wheelchair accessibility: we will be installing an accessible bathroom and ramp for the entrance. The ACCe5S! Project is moving forward!

May 2011 – March 2012 : Consultations

We are reaching out broadly, but especially to people directly impacted by accessibility constraints, for their input, suggestions, and feedback through individual and group consultations. The e5 resident organizations, the various groups and individuals who use the space for events and meetings, and the progressive community as a whole, are all being consulted for their input and support.

May 2011 – Present: Fundraising

Our goal is to raise $40,000 for the construction, materials, and execution of this project. We are depending on three sources to raise these funds over the course of these months: (1) Grants - $10,000, (2) Individual donations - $20,000, and (3) A Fundraising Event - $10,000.

May – Present: Design

Working with architects and with guidance from those impacted by accessibility constraints, we will be developing a new lay out for the encuentro 5 space that accommodates a single-stall wheelchair accessible bathroom with a sink. We will also file these plans with the city to obtain the necessary permits.

TBD: Construction

We begin to build out! We will depend on both professional contractors and qualified volunteers.

April – Present: Public Awareness Campaign

Throughout this process, we will be engaging the public on the importance of accessibility through our website, flyers, and dialogues. We will also broaden the conversation to include our information systems, cross-cultural and multilingual access to information, etc.

TBD: Target Date for ACCe5S’s 1st Flush!

In looking forward to a more accessible encuentro 5, we need your support! Join us to share your thoughts and plug in at

Next Steps to Increase ACCe5S!

We will take all the feedback we’ve received and figure out how to increase accessibility together with our growing community. Follow up will likely include remote access to e5 via online and teleconference systems, an accessible website in conformity with W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, ergonomic lighting and seating, and a simultaneous interpretation system.

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