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Venezuela Speaks! Voices from the Grassroots

Venezuela Speaks! coverThursday, January 28, 2010, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. While Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez continues to capture headlines, a much larger story involving a wider cast of characters has gone largely ignored. Venezuela Speaks!, published by PM Press, is a collection of interviews with activists and participants from across Venezuela’s social movements. From community media to land reform, cooperatives to communal councils, from the labor movement to the Afro-Venezuelan network, Venezuela Speaks! sheds light on the complex realities within the Bolivarian Revolution.

Join two of the co-authors, Carlos Martinez and Michael Fox, for a presentation and forum. Yanahir Reyes, a Venezuelan activist that has participated in the women’s movement for years will also be joining the co-authors. Reyes is the co-founder of a radio program focused on women’s issues called Milenia Palabra de Mujer at the Caracas-based community radio station Radio Perola. As a public school teacher, she helped create a school in one of Caracas many poor barrios, using it as a popular education center to organize mothers in the community. With her support, the mothers went on to form their own organization, Asociación Civil “Primeros Pasos de la Mujer” (Women’s First Steps Civil Association). She will talk in depth about the process of constructing popular power in Venezuela and the achievements and challenges facing the women’s movement.
Books will be available for purchase ($20) and signing. ">Click here to see the full schedule, To learn more about the book, visit the PM Press website.
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