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Movements of Movements with Jai Sen

Thursday, June 7th, 2018, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Hosted by Boston's own Dorotea Manuela, editor/writer/activist Jai Sen and his co-contributors Matt Meyer, Jeff Juris, local commentators including Mimi Jones and others celebrate and discuss Movements of Movements: What Makes Us Move? (PM Press) at encuentro5. See book description below; copies on hand for sale.

Light refreshments will be served. Co-sponsor list in formation. [ORDER PART 1 HERE]

PM Press: Our world today is not just ‘a world in crisis’ but also a world in profound movement, with increasingly large numbers of people joining or forming movements, and not just in relation to the crises we are facing, but also looking beyond : Local, national, transnational, and global. The dazzling diversity of ideas and experiences recorded in the two books comprising The Movements of Movements capture and reflect the extraordinary drama of uprisings and movements in our times.

Taking internationalism seriously without tired dogmas, they provide a bracing engagement with many of the central ideas and issues of practice that emerged from local and global struggles from 2006 to 2010, a key foundational period for contemporary movement. Reaching back also to the 1960s and forward to 2015, the essays - by outstanding activists and scholars from across the South as well as the North, and both Indigenous and Settler - cross borders and swords to look at the politics of caste, class, gender, sexuality, religion, race, and indigeneity, and dance from the local to the global.

What Makes Us Move?, the first volume, provides a foundation for understanding the extraordinary range of uprisings around the world since 2011 : Tahrir Square, Occupy, the indignados, Gezi Park, others. It draws on the rich reflection that took place during this period following the huge wave of creative direct actions the preceded it, including 1968, the Zapatista outbreak, the Battle of Seattle, and formations such as Peoples’ Global Action and the World Social Forum, and also maps the emergence of political Islam. Rethinking Our Dance, the second volume, critically engages with the thoughts and strategies that course through this wide range of movements, and reflects on possible futures. Collectively, the essays go way beyond individual movements. Together, they make comprehensible the world of movement we
live in, and contribute to a dance of ideas between and across movements, including in terms of language, grammar, and syntax.

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