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Felix Arroyo
Boston City Councilor


Kathy Casavant

former Secretary-Treasurer,  Mass AFL-CIO


Jackie Cefola

Nonprofit Center Program Coordinator

Third Sector New England


Noam Chomsky

Author & Linguist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Joseph Gerson

Program Director

American Friends Service Committee


David Himmelstein

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Co-founder,  Physicians for a National Health Program


Richard Krushnic

Boston Department of Affordable Housing

City of Boston


Dorotea Manuela


Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Coalition


Betsy Rueda Gynn

President, Community Church of Boston

Operations Director, The City School


Chuck Turner

Boston City Councilor


Ellen Wallace

Attorney at Law


Stephanie Woolhandler

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Co-founder,  Physicians for a National Health Program


Membership & Donors

Your support today will keep Massachusetts Global Action and encuentro 5 working...

Animating encuentro 5 is its goal to build open space that nurtures diverse progressive movements and projects. MGA strives for campaigns that ask not just what can  we win, but what must we win. A donor base base of hundreds of regular donors each contributing meaningful and sustainable amounts of money will be the guarantor of aspiration. With a financial base rooted in individual contributors, MGA will be relatively free of the pressures experienced by organizations dependent on the state, corporations or other large, unaccountable institutions.


MGA is  working with allies to define a bundle of benefits for membership, in addition to voting rights and regular opportunities to shape our campaigns and actions. These will include:

  •  regular reports on the activities of MGA and e5
  • discounted admission to premium events
  • discounts from allied publishers and vendors.


This remains a work in progress. Your anticipated support, we trust, is based on our consistent record of movement building.

Sign up for your monthly donation to MGA here:


Each month the amount you choose will automatically be deducted from your account by PayPal (with encuentro 5 listed as the vendor).


Student/Low Income Donation

I want to give but cannot make a monthly commitment...


Download our Brochure

This tri-fold explains our project, its history, goals and objectives.